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April 20 2012

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April 14 2012

April 06 2012

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Muppet Show Pitch - YouTube
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Reblog if you were born naked.



April 01 2012

Kermit der Frosch spricht über neue Technologien

March 31 2012

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March 26 2012

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March 16 2012

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March 12 2012

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Elmo Sings Chocolate Rain - YouTube

February 19 2012

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Straszny tłok ;D
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February 18 2012

Alice Cooper on The Muppet Show, 1978
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February 17 2012

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February 07 2012

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February 05 2012

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February 01 2012

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Sesame Street: OK Go - Three Primary Colors - YouTube
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January 14 2012

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Jim Henson working Kermit the Frog talking to John Cleese
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January 13 2012

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